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Our Mission

Our firm is based on a foundation of high integrity and an understanding of the legalities of private investigations.  We strive to provide our clients with thorough, ethical, and educated investigations that will best assist them in their litigation and claims processes. 

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About Us

Robert Agnew & Associates was established in 1993 and is currently based in Woodinville, Washington. Rob Agnew, a Washington State University alumnus, is the managing partner of the firm. Our staff is comprised of former law enforcement personnel and licensed private investigators with expertise in insurance claims investigations and security consulting services.

Prior to forming Robert Agnew & Associates, Rob joined the Seattle Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1987 as the Investigative Photographic Coordinator, and participated in foreign-counter intelligence, drug, and white collar crime surveillance investigations. Rob is a certified law enforcement instructor and was responsible for training state and federal law enforcement personnel in photographic surveillance. 

After his tenure with the FBI,  Rob founded Robert Agnew & Associates. The company specializes in insurance defense investigations and security consulting services. The company has a proven track record of performing discrete, thorough, and successful investigations in our surveillance operations. We have an equally successful background in witness locates and interviews, corporate due diligence, and asset identification inquiries.  

In addition, Rob provides security consulting services to the National Collegiate Athletic Association during the Men's Final Four Basketball Championship, and is the Soccer Security Agent assigned to the Seattle Sounders on behalf of Major League Soccer. He is also contracted with a major metropolitan city to provide investigative support in civil litigation and claims against police officers.

Formerly, Rob was the security consultant to a professional football club on behalf of the team's league between 2003 and 2017. He provided security services and resources to players, coaches, staff, and team executives, and participated in the management of game day security. He also provided security planning services to special event venues, and conducted annual security assessments at various football stadiums. Rob continues to provide game day security consulting services at Century Link Field in Seattle.

Our Services

We specialize in a broad range of investigative and consulting services that cater to law firms, insurance companies, and corporate entities.

  • Surveillance
  • Personal Injury 
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Witness Locates and Interviews
  • Pre-Employment 
  • Corporate Theft Matters
  • Asset Inquiries
  • Security Consulting 

Our Resources

A variety of investigative techniques are utilized in obtaining pertinent and useful information regarding the legitimacy and accuracy of a particular claim.  Our specially equipped surveillance vehicles and video equipment allow us to provide the client with a clear understanding of a claimant’s activities, abilities and limitations. We pride ourselves in the art of being discrete, ethical and professional.

Timely research, investigation and case preparation make the difference in determining the prevailing party in any civil litigation matter. Our resources are available from the time litigation is contemplated and being evaluated through trial and even the appeal process.

Dishonesty and incompetence can be hidden behind a façade of misleading financial statements and claims of accomplishment. Personal and corporate historical research can uncover crucial information in due diligence matters. Our thorough background investigations can assist the client in making informed decisions.


Statistics show that over 35% of resumes are misrepresented. We can substantiate your applicant’s qualifications and assertions through online databases and through a network of former law enforcement professionals.

Hiring a Private Investigator

The laws pertaining to private investigators vary in some degree from state to state. Ensure that your investigator is well-versed in state laws and is properly licensed in the state the investigation is being performed. Always verify that your investigator is adequately insured and bonded prior to retaining their services. 

Your investigator should have a proven record of investigative success and be able to provide you with a CV stating his or her investigative experience and references. They should have the ability to craft a clear and concise report and be able to effectively provide credible testimony in a legal proceeding.    

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